Our Mission

We believe that when it comes to creating impactful virtual reality films, documentaries, and experiences, we must begin by asking 'Why should this be experienced in VR?'

Which stories we tell and why we tell them are always the paramount considerations when we begin a project because virtual reality is an inherently powerful medium.  Immersive, interactive technologies allow for deeper connections between audiences and content - viewers can be empowered to explore, make choices, observe more intimately, empathize more deeply, and feel rewarded when new discoveries are acknowledged within the world of the story.

Virtual reality audiences have the potential to be the smartest audiences in any medium; therefore, we must design smarter.

Our Story

Total Cinema was founded in the early days of the modern VR boom by storytellers and film production professionals with a passion for the untapped potential of spatial 360 audio and video, volumetric performance capture, photogrammetry, and VR/AR/MR/XR technologies to redefine the creative boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

Since early 2013, we have directed and produced VR content throughout the media landscape, including the first 360 video shot on a Broadway stage, the first piece of VR explanatory journalism, branded experiences for clients in travel and hospitality, music and live performance, networks and blogs, fashion, action sports, agriculture, investment, global brands and charitable foundations, and cultural institutions.

In addition to our commercial practice, we develop ambitious original fiction and non-fiction experiences and work to foster a vibrant community of the best VR creators and professionals to share and collaborate on projects.

CREATIVE Directors

Adrian shooting on location in Greenland, 2018.

Adrian shooting on location in Greenland, 2018.

Adrian Vasquez de Velasco is a creative director and co-founder of Total Cinema. Adrian is an experienced professional storyteller and creative leader with vision, a pioneer in immersive and interactive cinematic technologies, an award winning virtual reality and 360° video filmmaker, a contributor to professional education in the field, and a collaborative manager of diverse talent.

 CV and portfolio available here.

Principal areas of interest: education, game design, ecology, emergence, and deep history.

Craig Gilbert.

Craig Gilbert.

Craig Gilbert is a writer, director, and producer specializing in live-action virtual reality content, and a co-founder of Total Cinema.